Quantitative PCR (qPCR)

Link to qPCR case in Resource Manual

Comparing relative levels of viral DNA in honey bee hives in relation to mite loads

Video tutorial for qPCR module of Case It v7

The first link below includes Table of Contents along with video controls.  The second link can be used if there is any difficulty displaying the Table of Contents (it is a direct link to the video file).

qPCR tutorial for Case It v7 with Table of Contents

qPCR tutorial for Case It v7 without Table of Contents

Features of Case It v7 (coming soon)

  • Works with Windows and Mac OSX*
  • Includes all features of Case it v6.07
  • Includes new qPCR module for the display and analysis of qPCR fluorescence data
  • Unlike earlier versions, Case It v7 runs in conjunction with MEGA** bioinformatics software on both the Windows and Mac OSX operating systems.
  • various bug fixes

*The Windows version runs on the Mac OSX operating system via Wine Stable (v2.0.3), included with the Case It download (or freely available from the Wine web site).  Wine Stable only has to be installed once, and after that the Case It v7 executable (Case It V7.exe) opens and runs exactly like it does on the Windows operating system.  If you would like to try a beta version of Case It v7, email mark.s.bergland@uwrf.edu