The download includes all of the DNA and protein sequences necessary to run the cases described in the Resource Manual. Case It! software can be downloaded free of charge for educational use. Before downloading the software, you will be asked to fill out a form.   Names and email addresses will be kept confidential. Please provide as much detail as possible on the “statement of intended use”, and provide the official name of your educational institution under “affiliation”, without abbreviating. Commercial use of this copyrighted software is prohibited.  Note that this registration is separate from the site registration that allows users to post comments and forum messages.  The following versions are available for downloading:

Case It v6.07 for PC – the latest version

  • Works with any version of the Windows operating system*
  • Automatically opens the MABL web site, which can be used in place of MEGA** for bioinformatics analyses (MEGA can also be used if desired).
  • Includes all other features of Case It v6.06 below

Case It v6.06 for PC – older version

  • Works with any version of the Windows operating system*
  • Automatically opens MEGA** software for bioinformatics analyses ( MEGA** must be downloaded separately for this to work – see download instructions below, and also footnote** regarding versions of MEGA that work with Case It).

Case It v6.07 for Mac***

*Case It v6.07 for the PC works fine with Windows 10, with one exception:  the feature that takes ‘gel photos’ does not work properly.  To capture photos of gels, the Snipping Tool of Windows 10 can be used.  The ‘gel photo’ feature works properly with all earlier versions of the Windows operating system.

**Case It v 6.07  for the PC does not work with MEGA v6 beta, but does work with MEGA4 or MEGA5.2, both of which are available for downloading at the MEGA site.  Or, you can use Case It with the MABL web site for multiple alignment and tree-building.  The Mac version of 6.07 only works with the MABL site.

***Important points regarding Case It v6.07 for the Mac:

1.  Case It will automatically open web sites for bioinformatics applications, so that text (e.g. sequence data) generated by Case It can be pasted into input fields on these web sites.  If you have rebooted your computer and not copied or pasted anything in another application, then the pasting feature of Case It will not work.  To fix this, simply copy and paste any text in an application such as TextEdit or Word, before or after opening Case It.

2.  The Mac version is not designed for direct integration with MEGA software, but rather uses the MABL web site for multiple alignment and tree-building.

3.  In reality, the Mac beta version is a modified PC version that runs on a virtual desktop, and is being released for the first time.  Because it runs on a virtual desktop, there are some differences in how windows behave (e.g., dragging the main window a short distance if other windows do not appear or are unresponsive).  Please report any anomalies in the operation of the software to


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Note:  If you value this software and use it with your students, please consider contributing to the UW-River Falls Foundation in support of Case It.

Citations for MEGA and MABL

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