Tutorials for Case It software

We are in the process of updating all of the tutorials to for the latest software version (v6.07) and converting all tutorials to video screencast format.  See the list below for available videos. These require Flash to view the table of contents, but you can still view the video itself if your device does display the Flash version; follow the link on the page to view the video. Also note that the table of contents will not work to jump ahead until the video has finished downloading to your computer.

Click here to access the written tutorials (with screen shots) from the previous version of the Case It web site

Note:  The ‘Getting started’ video directly below was made before the PC and Macintosh versions of Case It v6.07 were available.  See this link for more information about these new versions.



Getting started Downloading and extracting the zipped file, installing MEGA software, and naviating the Case It simulation.  Also see the text version of the navigation tutorial; it describes v6.0 rather than 6.06, but most of the interface is unchanged). IMPORTANT: Case It does not work with MEGA v6 beta, but does work with MEGA4 or MEGA5.2, both of which are available for downloading at the MEGA site.
SNP microarray SNP background, loading and running SNP microarray cases, connecting to online databases, calculations for genotype calling
Expression microarray Background information, loading and running expression microarray cases, connecting to online databases for interpreting results
Aligning sequences/tree building Accessing MEGA software from within Case It, to align sequences and build trees
ELISA and Western blot Using auto-loading features to quickly load protein and antibody samples
Dot blot (autoload) Open and load DNA and probe files quickly
Southern blot (autoload) Select DNA and probe samples and get Southern blot results
Differential display feature Demonstrates the Differential Display feature used to visually determine the relative amount of DNA in a given band, in Southern blots and gels
PCR, digest DNA and run gels on Data screen Select samples and get quick gel results with autoload features
Show PCR primer sites Shows forward and reverse primer sites, with an animation of the first step of the PCR process for any sequence
Digest DNA and run gels on the Lab bench Use simulated tools to set up restriction enzyme digest, load and run gel