Earlier tutorials for Case It software


These tutorials were on the previous version of the Case It home page.  They are web pages (text) with detailed screen shots. Some screen shots may show older verions of the software.  Click here to access video screencast tutorials for the latest version of the software, Case It v6.06.


Case It v6.05 tutorials:  (most will work for v6.06, though some screens may be slightly different)

Installation and Navigating

Aligning/tree building

Autoload DNA

Autoload Protein

Searching sequences

BLASTing sequences

Differential display


Case It v5.03 tutorials:

Getting started

Restriction digests

DNA electrophoresis

Southern blot and Dot blot

PCR and multiplex PCR

96-well PCR

protein electrophoresis

ELISA and Western blot

Lab bench (protein)

Lab bench (DNA)

Other features