Software development Mark Bergland*, Karen Klyczek*, and Chi-Cheng Lin**
Assessment Mary Lundeberg*** and Bjorn Wolter***
Case development Karen Klyczek, Mark Bergland, Rafael Tosado-Acevedo+, Arlin Toro++, C. Dinitra White+++, Mary Lundeberg, Bjorn Wolter, Kim Mogen*, Douglas Johnson*, David Bergland
Case It! tutorials Mark Bergland and Karen Klyczek
*University of Wisconsin-River Falls; **Winona State University, Rochester Campus; ***Michigan State University;+Inter American University of Puerto Rico, Metropolitan Campus;  ++Inter American University of Puerto Rico, San German Campus;  +++North Carolina A&T State UniversityCase It Software was developed with Macomedia Director.  Bioinformatics techniques are made possible by integrating MEGA software (Tamura K, Dudley J, Nei M & Kumar S 2007.  MEGA4: Molecular Evolutionary Genetics Analysis (MEGA) software version 4.0. Molecular Biology and Evolution 24:1596-1599.)

Funding provided by the National Science Foundation (DUE Grants 9752268, 0229156, and 0717577), and the University of Wisconsin-River Falls. Opinions expressed are those of the authors, and not necessarily those of the National Science Foundation.

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